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SuperToothNDK endeavours to influence primary and secondary school curriculum in order to bring added awareness to the issue of oral health. In addition to existing health education initiatives, we hope to leverage the huge growth in well being programs in schools in Australia, with nine in 10 independents schools now offering a wellness service to students with public schools following suit.

SupertoothNDK Inc. advocates oral health STEM projects for all year levels at school. Projects, that also involve families, can be implemented to highlight the need for good oral care throughout ones life. Projects such as:-

  • Photographing plaque at gum margins of teeth after the application of food dye shows that brushing is not adequate. Post tooth "selfies" on social media.

  • Dissolving eggshells in vinegar and testing for acid changes in vinegar with litmus paper shows that acid demineralises teeth and that calcium neutralises acid and can be added to enhance sealant foods like cheese.

  • Harvesting plaque from between teeth with interdental brushes and testing for acid at different times after eating.

  • Oral health surveys to compare with other postcodes, states or indeed the entire nation.

  • Making glass models of the fissure from two equal squares of glass clamped together with a paper clip. These show that brushing cannot force toothpaste inside pits and fissures.

  • Comparing how different foods, like cheese, are trapped in the glass model and displaced or are hard to displace and act as sealants blocking more food from being trapped. Over 80% of cavities occur where food is trapped and brushing can't reach. Chewing cheese before a chocolate or other sugar-rich confection gives protection similar to sealants provided by a dentist.

  • Identify foods like celery that force saliva into trapped food, displacing the food and diluting soluble sugar.

To this end SuperToothNDK will be lobbying at all levels in order to influence decisions that effect curriculum in both primary and secondary schools.


Up the toothbrush Down the Lolly from Victorian

Dairy Authority, devised by Dorothy Carey

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